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With so many dogs in The Famagusta Pound, the sad reality is that many of them will never find their forever home. So this means they are destined to spend however many years they have behind bars. The best thing we can do for them is to make sure they are healthy and that means regular parasite treatment, make sure they have a good quality diet, make sure their lives are enriched as much as possible. All this costs money! 

So we thought if the least likely dogs to be rehomed were sponsored then their future in the shelter would at least be secured while they are there. Many people want to help, but can’t always help in a practical way, so if you’d like to search our dogs available for sponsorship and are happy to contribute a monthly amount towards their upkeep, in return we will keep you updated on their progress etc. 

A regular amount coming in would also be a lifeline for these dogs as the local council often ask for our help towards parasite treatment and food, at least the sponsored dogs wouldn’t need to do without.

You can set up a standing order to the Help For Dogs UK account, minimum £10 a month please, make sure you reference the payment with the dog you’re sponsoring please. 

If you see any dog which you’d like to sponsor, please let us know, we have just selected the most needy, but to be honest, the bulk of the adult dogs will never experience freedom.

Everything crossed that this is a success and if it is, we will release more dogs details for sponsoring ❤️🐾

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