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We have wonderful news to share with you all, a new charity has been set up in the UK by friends of ours and its main objective is to support the work that FARC does for The Famagusta Shelter dogs. 

The charity registered in England and Wales is called Help For Dogs. The charity will also support other local groups, but FARC is their main priority. So it means that any fundraising we do where the donations will be paid in £ will go into the Help For Dogs charity account either directly, via Pay Pal or their crowdfunding page. FARC will still be Fundraising locally in TL as everything is needed and greatly appreciated. 

So, together FARC and Help For Dogs will be able to rehome many more dogs to the UK and other EU countries by matching dogs to adopters, organising transportation etc and providing adopter support in the UK.

We have many things we'd like to achieve at the pound and some are already being realised thanks to our generous supporters. We are well on our way to neutering every adult dog, we have also started microchipping the dogs so when they are adopted, there will be a record of that dog. We still have physical alterations we'd like to do which will reduce the fighting amongst the dogs, allow the reintroduction of toys and mean we wont need to keep replacing wooden kennels. We'd also like to construct our own separate FARC area for dogs which are being prepped for travel. The pound also needs a dedicated quarantine area. FARC needs its own vehicle as Sarah has been using her own vehicle for 4 years now for FARC business.

So as you can see, the birth of Help For Dogs is wonderful news indeed for us at FARC, as with their help, we might actually be able to achieve our goals sooner rather than later.

Welcome on board Help For Dogs and thank you so much from The FARC Team, Famagusta Belediyesi, the pound staff and 500 dogs and puppies 🐾🐾🐾

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