Help for Dogs in North Cyprus

About Us

FARC was born out of finding in August 2014, approximately 6 adolescent pups and 15 very young pups in a temporary local council pound which was based up at the rubbish tip in Famagusta where the conditions were far from ideal.

A group of concerned animal lovers got together to try and help these desperate dogs and puppies. The first volunteer was Chris Hocking who agreed to go daily and feed the dogs and clean the pound area, she was quickly joined by Sarah Jane Purcell. As they both lived locally in Famagusta, volunteering to provide daily care was the best thing they could do. The rest of the volunteers all lived over an hours drive away, however, they all set about obtaining food donations, bedding, beds, toys etc. This was invaluable and helped FARC get off the ground. The main fund raiser, who was involved from the beginning was Moyra Hassan, she and Sarah Jane Purcell formed FARC very soon afterwards. At that time Ayla Peksoylu was heavily involved in getting FARC off the ground, however, at the moment she is no longer involved, but may be again in the future.

So now FARC consists predominantly of Sarah Jane Purcell and Moyra Hassan, so let's tell you a bit about them and the other two people in the photo.

Far left is Tanisha Barnes, she is Sarah’s daughter and she helped immensely the first year of FARC in all areas including mucking out, feeding the dogs and taking some amazing photographs of the dogs and puppies for our website.

Second from the left is Chris Hocking, the first volunteer and she worked every day at the pound for 10 months, but when the volume of dogs reached close to 200, Chris felt it was time to ease off a bit. She is still very supportive of FARC and often helps out. She and her husband Ian have often fostered sick puppies and dogs and actually adopted a puppy themselves.

Second from the right is Moyra Hassan. She moved from Glasgow, Scotland to North Cyprus in 2012 and she always knew she would be involved in animal rescue of some kind. As she lives in north west North Cyprus it's impractical for her to travel over and hour and a half regularly to Famagusta. Moyra’s main contribution has been setting up the Facebook page and group and maintaining them, organising and maintaining the FARC website and most importantly fund raising. She also collects donated items from supporters in the west of the island and either takes the items through or Sarah collects them, depending on volume.

Far right is Sarah Jane Purcell who moved to North Cyprus in 2005 from Ironville, England. Sarah has always been an animal lover and involved in animal rescue. So when she heard about the temporary pound not far from her she quickly volunteered. Since then Sarah has been up daily working wonders with the animals, mucking out, feeding and watering them, administering medicine, vet trips, occasionally rescuing animals in distress. However, early in 2016 Sarah hurt her back and has been told not to get involved in any hard physical work which has meant she's had to stop mucking out and visiting the pound every day which kills her! She has taken a pound that had approximately 200 dogs and puppies to the purpose built EU standard pound, designed, built and funded by Famagusta Belediyesi (the local council), where over 400 dogs and puppies are now incarcerated.

Sarah, Ayla and Moyra deliberately didn’t call FARC Famagusta Animal Rescue Centre as it is a local council pound, therefore it's up to the Belediye if dogs are taken in or not. So FARC stands for Famagusta Animal Rehoming Canines where Sarah and Moyra continue to now focus on the rehoming of as many dogs and puppies as they can.

Their dream is to negotiate special flight deals, perhaps overland transportation and subsidised costs for overseas adoption. There are so many unwanted dogs in North Cyprus and sadly not enough homes, overseas adoption is he only logical was forward together with an effective neutering programme.

Famagusta Beledeysi provide the shelter, food and water and basic veterinary care. Through our amazing supporters we have been able to and will continue to bridge any gaps between what the Belediye can afford and what the dogs need.

So there you have it, FARC will work alongside Famagusta Beldiyesi, supporting them and ensure as many dogs and puppies find their forever homes as possible.

We couldn't and can’t do any of this without your help, so if you can, please support us in any of the ways mentioned in our section ‘How You Can Help”. We and over 400 dogs and puppies would be very grateful.


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