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How you can help.

There are many ways you can help a dog in need.



We are very lucky at FARC as we have some wonderful supporters without whom, we couldn't do what we do for our dogs at FARC.

Initially in September, 2014, we raised funds for vet bills as the dogs were not receiving any medical treatment, now every dog is treated for ticks, worms and fleas when it arrives. Then the dogs are all vaccinated, a series of three vaccinations to protect them against the common dog diseases.Our first bill was a whopper so we were very grateful that so many generous people had contributed.

Then our next crisis was early winter when it was obvious our dogs had nowhere to shelter from the elements. Although Cyprus is very warm during the summer months, it can get surprisingly cold in the evenings and we get torrential rain and driving winds on a regular basis during the winter. So, we appealed again for funding to buy kennels for our, by this time 65 dogs and puppies. Within a week we had enough to buy 30 kennels for our dogs, it was wonderful to see and quite frankly very moving. When Sarah, our main carer went up the following morning, normally the dogs would all be waiting at the gate, not this morning, they were all still tucked up in their kennels!

We also have an Amazon Wishlist and people again bought toys, bedding, treats etc for our dogs. They get easily bored without something to occupy their time.

One of our big aims is to buy a very large outhouse/shed which will enable us to keep nursing mothers and pups, recuperating animals etc inside when the elements are extreme. This is on going, but we have switched our focus at the moment during the summer months.

Our biggest recent challenge is as a result of the dogs fighting!! The extreme heat that we are experiencing in Cyprus just now is undoubtedly adversely affecting the dogs. These dogs have lived together peacefully for months, but now in all of the 4 main areas we have had fatalities! Since 17th July, 2015 Sarah has had to deal with fights on a daily basis, 4 dead dogs and 3 badly injured dogs. So the only variable that has changed is the heat. Next challenge is to source dog pools that they cant destroy in 5 minutes!!

We found them and purchased 4 big ones for each of the 4 main areas and 1 smaller one for the mums and pups area. They are being filled on Monday, 27th July and hopefully the dogs will be able to cool down and if nothing else have some fun. We are so hoping that the addition of these pools helps the situation with the fighting and it stops altogether.

So these are the sort of things donations are spent on, so if you would like to help us to make our dogs lives a bit more bearable, please donate using the link below.

Go here for our donation options


FARC is run solely by volunteers who are dedicated to giving these unfortunate dogs a better quality of life than they would have otherwise. This involves twice daily mucking out, cleaning the pound enclosure and kennels, feeding and watering all the dogs, administering medicine where necessary and most importantly, lots and lots of tender loving care. Our dogs thrive on human interaction and this also helps them become better adjusted and more suitable for adoption. So if you have a few hours to spare and live in the Famagusta area, please get in touch and we can show you around and you can then decide if it’s something you would like to get involved in or not.

English: 05338891632 10:00-17:00
Türkçe: 05338356213 10:00-17:00


Clearly, the day to day care of our dogs is our number one priority, however, finding loving forever homes for them is our primary goal. It is a legal requirement here that all dogs are microchipped, therefore, anybody wishing to adopt one of our dogs will be required to visit our vet with the dog and have it microchipped, we will copy your ID card and you will complete an adoption form which is a legally binding document. For anyone overseas wishing to adopt one of our dogs, we can arrange all the necessary paperwork, veterinary treatment, flights etc. Please contact us for more information.

We have already sent 3 dogs to the UK and hope to send many many more overseas to wherever their new families live.


Not everybody is in a position to offer one of our dogs a home, but still want to help. By sponsoring one of our dogs you will ensure that dog will be well cared for and you will have a part to play in that. We have several dogs that will be unlikely to find a forever home for a variety of reasons, fostering them throws them a life line. You can choose from one of our dogs marked for sponsoring under the heading.


We often get multiple litters of puppies dumped, often without their Mums, they need that extra bit of help for the first few weeks of their lives if they are to stand any chance at all of surviving. This can be a very rewarding thing to do, but can also be heartbreaking as many young puppies just don’t make it despite our best efforts. They do thrive in a home environment though. Sometimes we need homes for slightly older pups that are perhaps a bit poorly or have been hurt etc.

Occasionally, we need foster carers for our older dogs that are a bit poorly, have been neutered, recovering from operations etc.

If this is something you think you would like to do, please get in touch. We will deliver the dog to you and collect it, we will also provide all food etc for the duration of the dog being with you.

English: 05338891632 10:00-17:00
Türkçe: 05338356213 10:00-17:00

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