Help for Dogs in North Cyprus


Jess was our second rescue from the pound just a few days after Repo. Exactly the same situation, we posted a picture of Jess as a puppy and her new Mum, Angie instantly fell in love!! Angie then set the wheels in motion to have Jess sent to her in Aberdeen, Scotland. So Jess went into foster care with a friend of Angie's who lives in North Cyprus. Naturally, she blossomed whilst in foster care and her foster Mum Diane also fell in love with her. Jess was called Scruffy at the time, but her name was changed when she finally reached her new home in Scotland. Sometimes a name seems better once you actually meet the dog. So here are some pictures of Jess as a tiny puppy in the pound and then of her in foster care and then when she finally arrived home. Lucky puppy indeed. If you would like to consider adopting one of our dogs either have a look at them and choose one, or contact us for further information. English: 05338891632 10:00-17:00 Türkçe: 05338356213 10:00-17:00 Email:

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