Help for Dogs in North Cyprus


From the day Spike arrived at FARC he has been a firm favourite. One of the cutest dogs with a huge character we have had. Same story as before, when we posted a picture of Spike on our Facebook Page, his new Mum, Gillian fell in love with him. She suggested the name Spike for him, so Spike he became. Gillian didn't immediately say she wanted to adopt him, but now wishes she had. A few months went past and to everyone's surprise nobody offered Spike a home. We think it was fate and he was meant to be with Gillian. So did Gillian and she decided she wanted him to join her in Northfleet, England. So as usual, Spike went into foster care with Roma. Roma had just rescued another dog and wasn't sure how they would get on, Poppy and Spike loved each other immediately. Spike travelled to the UK and as you can see, he has settled in really well and now Gillian and Spike wouldn't be without each other. Everyone who meets Spike comments on how handsome he is. He's also recently made friends with the neighbours cat. If you would like to adopt one of our dogs and give them a loving home, please either search our available dogs, or get in touch for more information. English: 05338891632 10:00-17:00 Türkçe: 05338356213 10:00-17:00 Email:

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