Help for Dogs in North Cyprus


Emma adopted Bingo and Clancy, although it started out as fostering, September, 2014? This is their story written by Emma:- "There was a request on Facebook for foster families for some of the dogs/puppies at the Famagusta compound. Animals were being abandoned there frequently and a box of puppies had been dumped in the full sun without shelter, food or water that day. I volunteered to be a foster mom and Sarah Jane said she could drive puppies over from Famagusta to Girne. I thought one puppy may be lonely so volunteered for 2. Sarah asked if I had a preference - how can you chose one abandoned puppy over another? So I told her to bring the two she thought most needed to leave the compound. She mentioned a little black puppy (a few weeks older than ones in the box) that she had posted a picture of previously cowering in the corner. She was physically unwell but emotionally not able to cope with conditions at the compound. So - there I had 2 puppies, the black one and one from the box! The black puppy turned out to be extremely poorly, a lot of fur missing, tics and suffering from horrific worms, bloated tummy even etc. The first 2 weeks or so we were at the vets daily for a drip which could take up to 4 hours to complete as her veins were in a terrible condition - either a viable one could not be found or the cannula would have to removed because of swelling part way through the treatment. The other puppy was receiving vitamin jabs etc to build her up. Once the little black puppy began to eat properly and improve generally drips were not necessary but our daily visits continued for injections. Both puppies then started coughing - kennel cough. Continued daily visits - with puppies, but now they had names - Bingo and Clancy. The intention was initially to foster them and search for loving forever homes to adopt them but obviously this had to be put on hold whilst they were receiving their treatment. It is hard enough to home healthy puppies/dogs let alone ones suffering from ill health. They started putting on weight and played nicely together - constant companions. Clancy finally got rid of all her worms and responded to the treatment for her cough, all looking good we thought, playing, eating, coat improving but then she started to cry out occasionally for no apparent reason. In the mean time Bingo was a chubby, cheeky puppy but still needing daily injections for her stubborn cough. On day 2 of Clancy giving the odd cry she had a blood test and it was confirmed she was suffering from Erlicha (from all the tic bites she had suffered) and a 2 month course of medication prescribed, this could be given at home but Bingo continued with daily visits for cough. Some 6 weeks later and Clancy had only two weeks left of her tablets but Bingo was still coughing - she had tried different injections with additional tablets at home - our vet decided that we would have one more day of the injections then stop. Give Bingo a rest for a few days and then start her on the strong tablets that Clancy was taking. We woke up on that scheduled last day of injections and her coughing had suddenly, overnight, reduced by half. At last - signs of improvement. We continued with those injections and then finished the course of tablets that had accompanied them. FINALLY - both puppies were illness free. Happy happy times. Following a break of ten days after all medication stopped the girls had their first vaccination. A long awaited day. We realised that they had grown to be such a big part of our family as well as being inseparable from each other. The finding a forever home was easy then, they already had one...with us. Welcome to your new forever home with us and our other crazy pooches." So there you have it, if it hadn't been for Emma, very likely neither Bingo nor Clancy would have been alive today.

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