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Post created on 12/11/2018

We have wonderful news to share with you all, a new charity has been set up in the UK by friends of ours and its main objective is to support the work that FARC does for The Famagusta Shelter dogs. 

The charity registered in England and Wales is called Help For Dogs. The charity will also support other local groups, but FARC is their main priority. So it means that any fundraising we do where the donations will be paid in £ will go into the Help For Dogs charity account either directly, via Pay Pal or their crowdfunding page. FARC will still be Fundraising locally in TL as everything is needed and greatly appreciated. 

So, together FARC and Help For Dogs will be able to rehome many more dogs to the UK and other EU countries by matching dogs to adopters, organising transportation etc and providing adopter support in the UK.

We have many things we'd like to achieve at the pound and some are already being realised thanks to our generous supporters. We are well on our way to neutering every adult dog, we have also started microchipping the dogs so when they are adopted, there will be a record of that dog. We still have physical alterations we'd like to do which will reduce the fighting amongst the dogs, allow the reintroduction of toys and mean we wont need to keep replacing wooden kennels. We'd also like to construct our own separate FARC area for dogs which are being prepped for travel. The pound also needs a dedicated quarantine area. FARC needs its own vehicle as Sarah has been using her own vehicle for 4 years now for FARC business.

So as you can see, the birth of Help For Dogs is wonderful news indeed for us at FARC, as with their help, we might actually be able to achieve our goals sooner rather than later.

Welcome on board Help For Dogs and thank you so much from The FARC Team, Famagusta Belediyesi, the pound staff and 500 dogs and puppies 🐾🐾🐾

Post created on 10/26/2018

Well the neutering project has taken longer than we'd hoped, mainly due to the outbreak of distemper in Cyprus. The funds we had raised for neutering had to be used urgently to vaccinate all the dogs against distemper instead. 

So after a period of more fundraising and the pound dogs being declared healthy, the female neutering has resumed. 

We also have some more exciting news! It has always been FARC's goal to make sure all dogs which are adopted out of the pound are traceable and home checks can be done after adoption. To make this easier, we decided to pay for all the adult dogs to be microchipped after neutering, then their details will finally be recorded on this website and we will have a record of all the dogs in the pound.

This will make it much easier to accurately record movement of dogs for whatever reason as well as record who adopted them. The pound will understandably be introducing a fee for adopted dogs, which will help to fund future neutering and microchipping. 

All this couldn't be achieved without the support we get from you, so thank you so much for everything you do for the dogs in the pound.

Onwards and upwards 

Thank you from The FARC Team, the pound staff and 500 dogs and puppies 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾




Post created on 4/21/2018

As many of you will no doubt have read, there has been an outbreak of distemper in Cyprus, which is devastating.

The first reported case was from KAR, Kyrenia Animal Rescue which is a privately run charity and rescue centre. Very quickly they lost 100 dogs, with many more sick, but they now seem to have it under control. We've recently heard that there were also earlier unreported cases in Lefkosa Shelter, before KAR reported their first case, and Lefkosa have also lost many dogs. Iskele Pound was the next place to report an outbreak and reportedly they have lost about 100 dogs! 

All the above shelters are in complete lockdown now, as is Famagusta Shelter even though we haven't had any cases of distemper to date. We find ourselves now in a situation where vaccinating all the adolescent and adult dogs against distemper has become an important priority. The puppies are automatically vaccinated on arrival. So for the time being, no dogs in or out of the shelter and no visitors in an attempt to stop this potentially fatal disease spreading. As it's airborne, it spreads very quickly if necessary precautions and procedures are not put in place and adhered to!

The local council, who own and run the shelter cannot afford the vaccinations, but desperately wanted to protect the dogs in their care. So they asked FARC if we were in a position to help. Once again we said yes, as any delays could have been the difference in life or death for the dogs. The total cost was £1350 and we had to use some of the money collected for the neutering to cover this.

So even more than before, we really need your help! Either to cover vaccinations by replacing what's been spent or contributing to our neutering programme which is well underway. 

Al the males have now been neutered and some females have been spayed. Our vet Serten is continuing to neuter the females only after they've been vaccinated. Please help us to finish what we've started and finish spaying the remaining females, which we estimate is about 180.

If you'd like to help, you could hold a fundraising event eg coffee morning, auction, sponsored walk etc etc. We need all the help we can to achieve our goal, so please help if you can?
You can contribute via:-
1. PayPal
2. Go Fund Me and state what your contribution is for please
3. UK bank account for FARC:-
Sort Code 30-98- 97
Account Number 46355160
IBAN GB51LOYD30989746355160
BIC LOYDGB21031FARC, Lloyds Bank, 30-98-97, 46355160. 

A FARC supporter is doing a sponsored 10k walk on 29th April, 2018, so if you'd like to sponsor her and at the same time help the dogs, Nurcan's Fundraising page is here


Post created on 1/14/2018

Hi everyone

After much discussion and negotiating with the local council regarding the neutering of the adult dogs in the pound, we have a result!

There are currently 450-500 dogs and puppies at the pound and approximately 400 of them are old enough to make and produce puppies. Thankfully a huge neutering programme started in December 2017 with 44 males being neutered and this will continue until all the male dogs are neutered. Once all the males are finished, then it's time to start neutering the 200 females. We estimate this is going to take until perhaps September, 2018 to complete, afterwards the local council will be responsible for neutering any newcomers as and when they arrive.

The local council are covering the cost of the vet, but FARC agreed to help by covering the cost of the meds. For the males we needed £1500 and one of our longest sponsors, Catherine Wood once again came to our rescue offering to contribute £750 if we could raise the rest. Thanks to our wonderful FARC supporters, we have raised the £750 required so all the boys are covered. We are continuing to fundraise for the females meds which we estimate will be approximately £2000 due to them needing meds post op, so if anyone would like to help towards this, you can do this using one of our three options:-


Go Fund Me and state what your contribution is for please

UK bank account for FARC:-
Sort Code 30-98- 97
Account Number 46355160
IBAN GB51LOYD30989746355160
BIC LOYDGB21031FARC, Lloyds Bank, 30-98-97, 46355160

This is the biggest neutering programme to date in Cyprus, so why not be a part of making this happen? This will make a huge difference to the individual dogs, but also stop the cycle of thousands of unwanted puppies being born every year.

We can't do this without you, so many, many thanks from us all at FARC 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾


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